Future Business Language For Top Managers

Want-to-be-a-commercial-manager.jpgLanguage is a major barrier to communication between people who speak different languages.   Apart from the case of the people with communication impairment, language is an eliminatable barrier to business. There are approximately 7,102 languages spoken in the world today.  The most popular languages used in business today especially international trade are Chinese, German, English, Spanish and Arabic. International trade is heavily and partly dependent on language.

A language with the most speakers is most likely the most economically productive language. For instance, Chinese which has approximately 1.015 billion speakers. The country has recently proven its sustainability despite its large population.  According to The National Bureau of Statistics of China, the country’s economy is 7 times larger than 15 years ago. Chinese is the business language of the future. The number of Chinese speakers in the United States is approximately 3 million similar to population of Albania, a country with a gross domestic product of 11.46 billion as per 2015 statistics.

A manager with knowledge of foreign and business friendly language is likely to be more productive and efficient. A school of language that majors with business languages like Chinese is one of underutilized and under invested sectors that can lead to training of the new world’s top persons. Liberal citizenship and world citizenship is a factor filtering out the next best world business people.

International relations which are also partly influenced by language are a major factor determining international business and trade.  There is more business and more efficient business transactions and relations among people speaking same language. There are China exports all the world. The travel industry can be improved to unexplored and enormous revenue generating levels if the language barrier problem is eradicated. For example, if there was a Chinese only 5-star hotel in Nairobi, Kenya (which there probably are), there is a 90% likelihood that it would the first or only stop/home of any Chinese visiting the country. This not only creates a chance for an under-invested business idea but also improves travel business.



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