Political instability and I.D.Ps

Internally-Displaced-PersonsIDP………………………….Internally Displaced Persons

Political instability is a greatest cause of internally displaced people than famine and other causes. Political instability is the likelihood of having demonstrations, forms of violence, workers going on strike or the possibility of a coup d’état. It is also measured in terms of whether the government may collapse or not. The violence is the greatest cause that forces the people to become refugees in their own countries. This mostly happens in countries whose government is not stable and there exists several potential threats that may lead to its collapse.

‘Home away from home’ is a non-profit organization that supports the internally displaced people. It provides shelter, food, and clothing and other needs. The organization also took the initiative of providing education to the children of the refugees. On my research to support my thesis, I conducted an interview with one the staff workers who work in the organization. The interview was as follows.

My first question to the interviewee was what was her name?  This helped me in getting the formal attention of the interviewee and showing hospitality. My second question was for how had she worked in the organization and what was her role in the organization. I also asked her what the internally displaced people perceived as their main reason for displacement and if government had any contribution? I also asked her to name the top five causes of displacement according to the details given by each refugee.

Other questions that I asked her include: who are the most affected people in terms of age, gender and race. Is there any support that the government has provided in support of the locally displaced people.

The interviewee said her name was Katherine, and she had been a worker in the refugee’s organization for the last two and a half years. First, this helped me know for how long the organization had been in existence since she continued to explain saying she had worked there since the day the organization started its operation. Knowing the age of the organization helped me get an idea of the reliability of the information given by the interviewee.

She told me her role of human resource development-the department that dealt with getting the details of all the refugees who got accommodated in the organization. Her role was data entry into the computers and registered that monitored and kept record of the population of the refugees.

From her responses, it was clear that political instability had everything to do with the violence that led to the internal refugee situation. ‘If the government cannot ensure the basic services it provides for people, such as security, what is there left for people to do?’ she explained. According to more than 78% of the refugees, the main reason that led to their flee from their homes was insecurity. The previously held elections had led to post election violence between people from different races and amongst those supporting rival political parties.

The violence had led to looting of businesses and too many cases of theft, robbery with violence and even rape cases, forcing people to flee their homes. The incompetence and inability of the government to control violence had led to an increase in the mortality rate in different areas of the country.

Political instability had discouraged investments in the country hence led to unemployment. And with unemployment came reduction in living standards and poverty which in turn forced the people to flee their homes to go and get Aid from the organization.

The interview helped me discover the strong relationship between political insecurity and cases of internally displaced people or refugees. The weaker race was the one that suffered the most with all of their belongings and property being looted and forcefully taken away from them by other people. They had as a result run in to the organization’s open arms for help.

According to the details collected by the interviewee, all the workers perceived the government as the reason for the insecurity and instability of the country. They regarded to it as a ‘failed state’, which had failed in providing security to its citizens. The responses from the interviewee showed that the hypothesis guiding my research is true. Political instability had caused civil domestic. The response from the worker on whether the government provided any help to the refugees through the organization shows that the government did not put much effort in trying to solve the problem of violence in different parts of the country.

The theory guiding the research is therefore true, since political exceeded all other causes displacement.



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