food_insecurity_in_africa.jpgIn the case of Candid County where the effect of food insecurity has gone to extremes of causing death of the citizens, my first policy would to employ life saving mechanisms. Life saving assistance programs like relief food would be implemented as soon as possible. This would help in saving lives of the most and extremely affected people.

Another policy that I would introduce to curb the effect is social protection policy for food security. It is a national solidarity policy that will promote efforts to organise social support or assistance activities for everyone in the county of Candid.

Zero hunger strategy (ZHS) that will seek to couple both social and economic objectives of the county will also be another policy I will introduce. This will be achieved by combining different instruments of finance allocation and creation of sustainable agricultural solutions. These strategies have been implemented and have worked in other countries like Brazil.

To improve agricultural activities in the county, I would also introduce production and sales promotion policy for county’s agricultural produce. Farmers would be provided with farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers for free and/or at a subsidized price to increase production. Through sales promotion policy, farmer protection will be emphasized through legal standards that will help eradicate the middlemen that affect the value of the commodities sold and the price which they are sold at. Adequate and important market information will be communicated to the farmers to help them effectively benefit from their produce. This will help improve the living standards of the people of Candid County as a result of the increase of income




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